Every change we embrace does more.

By embracing new opportunities and media, we’ve worked with Montana State Fund to deliver “more” … more people coming home safe to more families, more businesses being more productive and more profitable, more communities becoming more prosperous.

  • We launched Work Hard. Be Safe. as a way to embrace Montanans' ethic and spark safety.

  • NoJack rose to the level of its own safety brand and was among the first Montana State Fund campaigns to embrace social media.

  • Early versions of safemt.com included online education, like this safety issues quiz.

  • Montana State Fund adopted new channels, leading the way on YouTube with popular safety education videos. This one has 52,910 unique views.

  • Landmarks like the 100-year anniversary of the Montana Workers’ Compensation Act helped reinforce Montana State Fund’s vital role.

  • Together, we took Return to Work and WorkSafe Champions from behind-the-scenes safety programs to drivers of awareness and interest in Montana State Fund.

  • To reach young workers we pushed past the usual, advancing the conversation with creative Snapchat, pre-roll and meme-style advertising.

  • In a move to help Montana State Fund reflect its core purpose and identity, we led multiple internal sessions and revamped your mission, vision, values and brand.

  • The new brand was launched along with a new Safety Works Here campaign that helped convey the safety culture momentum gained by Montana businesses.

  • With the onset of the pandemic, we created a new campaign with a more reverent tone. Our focus was to ensure the public that even in uncertain times Montana State Fund would not waver on its mission to keep all Montanans safe.

  • In 2021 we launched the redesign of safemt.com which featured 100s of pages, PDF downloads, safety videos and more on topics from corporate safety committees and worksite assessments to ergonomics and ladder safety.

  • As we move further away from the pandemic and with our focus always on safety, we are launching a new campaign in 2022 that has a humorous, light-hearted tone while imparting safety information.

Thank you for this taking this short scroll through the past.