Director of Digital Technologies


Our agency’s most visible value comes from our creative work, but a lot of important work for clients happens in the background with analytics and insights that we discover through data.


Tony is a member of the Star Wars Generation — that subgroup sandwiched between Xers and millennials. He first learned programming in Basic on a TRS-80 and his childhood friends still recount how Tony used “the Internet before the internet” dialing up to bulletin board systems in the late ’80s. Tony also remembers with fondness those days of youth spent selling Snoopy Sno-Cones from a stand in his yard, back when people still carried coins in their pockets.


Those early experiences aren’t just cultural context; they are the starting blocks that ultimately launched Tony’s path. He never stopped working with technology, and ultimately earned his first college degree in information systems. His entrepreneurial bent ultimately led him to earn his MBA. And his interests in business and technology, in turn, converged like crossed streams from Dr. Spengler’s Particle Thrower into a focused passion for digital analytics.


“Analytics can provide a wealth of business intelligence and help companies become much more efficient and effective, but most organizations are only scratching the surface of what’s possible,” Tony says. “A lot of what I do is carry that torch and try to help people see what’s really possible.”


When he’s not building dashboards or helping clients interpret and act upon their data, Tony continues to apply his multilingual fluency and deep experience to building websites, apps and other digital properties — all while leading our digital teams in strategic initiatives to expand our capabilities and streamline our processes. Clearly, the force is strong with this one.


Tony is on a quest to find the perfect burger recipe. You’d be surprised how much he knows about different cuts of beef, their flavor profiles and how they best blend. Talk to him long enough and he might just invite you over for some grillside experimentation.


Tony is the kind of guy who likes to understand how things work, from the inside out. He is a fount of random knowledge on everything from personal investing, to smartphone repair and home plumbing.


The Yucatan Peninsula. Tony and his wife got hitched in Playa del Carmen, and they love going back and exploring new locales whenever they can. And when they can’t, Tony still loves talking about Mexico’s Caribbean coast.


Missoula Strikers volunteer youth soccer coach
Rose Park Playground volunteer builder
Clark Fork River Cleanup volunteer
Blackfoot River Cleanup volunteer
Missoula County Public Schools / Paxson Elementary volunteer
Guest speaker University of Montana, MBA Weekends


The University of Montana MBA; B.S., business administration with management of information systems emphasis
Google Analytics certified