Senior Account Manager


Standing out as an agency requires flexibility. At PartnersCreative that means having the capacity to help our clients with their biggest ideas. Our expertise is rooted in maneuvering through large-scale projects quickly and creatively without the red tape or communication gaps that stifle efficiency.


A paragon of adaptability, Tatum knows the “do-it-fast-but-it-has-to-be-right” world as a manager of a luxury resort’s restaurant and as a credit officer and financial analyst managing a portfolio of more than $700 million in commercial loans. It’s hard to imagine one individual succeeding in both of those worlds. But that’s what Tatum has done — excelled in a wide variety of roles and situations as she’s pursued degrees and worked in hospitality management, finance, PR and business.


Today her varied background provides both our agency and our clients an understanding of how brands can complete large-scale projects and represent themselves in an ever-changing world. From managing the development of room-sized digital interactive exhibits to being part of the team tasked with promoting the launch of a national recognition program for top private companies, she’s seen complex projects go from incomplete ideas to tangible products.


Tatum’s career may have taken a circuitous route but her experiences built her invaluable customer service skills, and the hard skills of financial analysis primed her for a role managing increasingly complex and fast-moving projects for our largest clients. Like the best dispatch officer or triage captain, she is a source of calm in the storm at PartnersCreative. An organized, experienced business professional with a technical and financial background, she always has an eye on the future.


Tatum is our resident ice artist. Ask her about pineapple ice sculptures.


Six pounds of pup is all Tatum needs. She can wax poetic about her Yorkie Zoey.


A random chauffeur. State border patrol. Tequila tasting. Mention Mazatlán and get the whole story.


Humane Society of Western Montana volunteer

Missoula Marathon volunteer

Watson Children’s Shelter Bike for Shelter volunteer


University of Montana MBA; B.S., business administration / finance
Missoula College AAS, hospitality management