Partner / Producer


I love that we have been able to influence local culture in a lot of really great ways through the work we do for other people; and yet our role isn’t always evident. We take the time to identify and embody the personalities of our clients — who they’re talking to, what they need to accomplish. Our job is to help them be successful and grow.


Susan’s background is in design and print production management. But since founding PartnersCreative, she has also led agency strategic planning and operations. Toward that end, she immerses herself in business both inside the company and out in the community. Her versatile skills include account supervision, research, project budgeting, art direction and website content management. She also occasionally fills in as a technical writer when needed. As someone who has worn a lot of hats over the years, Susan knows how to keep projects moving through to successful delivery.


Prior to moving to Missoula and launching PartnersCreative, Susan worked at different times as a senior art director and a production manager at advertising agencies in Kansas City; she also ran her own company, Ash Marketing Communications, in St. Louis, Kansas City and Missoula. Susan has diverse experience across multiple categories including business-to-business, consumer, tourism, and nonprofits focused on education, conservation and human services.


Today her detail-oriented brain, keen eye and broad experience work together to benefit our clients, and behind that our agency staff, as she manages the overall operations of PartnersCreative, ensuring that the agency has the people, equipment, resources, clients and vendors to thrive. And she maintains an active role in day-to-day client work, serving as account supervisor for several clients.


Ask her about her “side job’” as a ski instructor.


Major Figures of History for $100, please: When Susan isn’t working, she’s probably reading historical nonfiction. She usually has several biographies and histories bookmarked at once, often in themed groups.


Vietnam-era combat helicopter piloting techniques. No, seriously. Susan has experienced the tricks firsthand, and she still gets breathless talking about it.


First Interstate Bank Community Advisory Board
Camp Mak-A-Dream RATPOD SAG wagon driver
Missoula Economic Partnership Investor Relations committee
Treasure State Bank Community Advisory board
Lost Trail Power Mountain ski instructor
Friends of Public Education publicity chair (past)
University of Montana – School of Business Management and Marketing advisory board (past)
Missoula Area Chamber of Commerce board member (past)
Missoula YMCA board member (past)


University of Kansas B.A. in fine arts, visual communications
The University of Montana MBA Essentials certificate
Second Wind Network certification in agency operations, strategic and account planning
First Interstate Bank Financial management for closely held companies