Partner / Creative Director


Good marketing does more than sell a product or service. It communicates values and inspires change. Our purpose is to help companies and organizations of all sizes find their voice and use it to impact the world around them.


Put exactly what they’re looking for in exactly the right place at exactly the right moment. Integrate into their surroundings … but make sure that what you’re giving them is unmistakably seen.


And whatever you do, don’t splash around.


Steve knows from long experience that being a successful fly-fisherman is about conforming to these basic constraints. He brings the same basic mindset to creative design. “Great marketing just feels natural and right in its time and context,” he says. “It’s easy to come up with something loud and flashy that I can throw at people — but it’s always better to fit their expectations and serve their needs.”


The challenge of working effectively within constraints — from the audience, from the client, from the medium and budget — inspires Steve to his best work. His creativity is paired with a studied pragmatism and collaborative spirit born from years working as part of a team. He knows when it’s time to lead and when it’s time to hand off.


Whether he’s working on behalf of a local nonprofit or global brand, Steve’s wisdom and experience help PartnersCreative ensure the production of each campaign is crafted to the highest quality, on time and on budget. For those reasons and more, we’re glad he’s not the one that got away.


You pick, he’ll grin. Steve loves traditional bluegrass music. He’s also an accomplished guitarist himself.


Ask him about the first anniversary gift that he bought for Susan when he moved here. It’s a classic, oh-so-Missoula story.


Parlez-vous cassoulet? Steve is an avid cook with a particular love for bistro-style recipes.


Watson Children’s Shelter board of directors, past president

Youth Homes / Dan Fox Family Care advisory


Kansas State University B.A., journalism and mass communications