Partner / Creative Director


In today’s connected world, companies in Montana and elsewhere need the same quality and breadth of creative services that they would find in a big urban agency. We provide those trendsetting, cutting-edge services while also offering the close working relationships that one can only find in a small-city agency.


In many ways, Steve exemplifies the story of so many Missoula residents: After building a stellar resume amid the hectic bustle of the big city, he moved to Montana to find a more balanced lifestyle. The result is that our clients get the benefit of Steve’s years of experience working in agencies both small and global, on accounts ranging from Anheuser-Busch and M&M Mars to Five Valleys Land Trust and Big Sky Resort.


Steve has an uncanny ability to apply large-market branding and thinking to any size product or service. He is also a craftsman to the core, ensuring that every campaign we create is designed or filmed and produced with the highest quality for maximum message impact. The results can be seen in Steve’s pile of more than 200 ADDY awards (including two Montana best of shows and regional awards) as well as Omni, National Health Care Association, Kansas City Art Directors Club, Telly and Print Annual awards. In addition to his creative work, Steve oversees the professional development of our creative, digital and production staff to ensure that every person on a project team is capable of delivering strategic and innovative work that helps clients succeed.


You pick, he’ll grin. Steve loves traditional bluegrass music. He’s also an accomplished guitarist himself.


Ask him about the first anniversary gift that he bought for Susan when he moved here. It’s a classic, oh-so-Missoula story.


Parlez-vous cassoulet? Steve is an avid cook with a particular love for bistro-style recipes.


Watson Children’s Shelter board of directors, past president

Youth Homes / Dan Fox Family Care advisory


Kansas State University B.A., journalism and mass communications