Associate Digital Media Strategist / Buyer


In humanity’s great storytelling tradition, creativity and analysis have been intertwining parts of a moving narrative. While creativity’s purpose is to cement an idea in someone’s mind, it’s with analysis that we can find the best method to reach those who will find it most compelling.


A self-described and often-observed “nerd-of-all-trades,” Stephen’s path to his professional career didn’t start with marketing. A love of art and science that’s so predominant in nerd culture helped shape his skills into what they are today.


His journey started in the Museum of the Rockies dinosaur exhibit and in any educational dinosaur material he could get his hands on. Other early obsessions included mythology, sports, art, world history and physics. These interests are where his analytical approach and creative drive first took shape. Originally, he saw himself on a hard-sciences career path, but soon realized that a love of science and art were best supported by a knack for communication.


At PartnersCreative, those skills have culminated into the ability to imagine new ways that stories can be distributed — specifically in the digital world — and also to improve reporting on the success of our clients’ campaigns so that actionable insights are readily available to both the agency and clients. His tangible and intangible skills, combined with his level-ten tendency to geek out wherever his mind goes, have brought fresh thinking and creativity to numerous campaigns and media planning and reporting procedures.


From sci-fi to board games and nearly everything in between, if it’s nerdy you can get Stephen rambling. Don’t get him started on the works of J.R.R. Tolkien though, he won’t stop …


An unnerving amount of his brain is taken up by useless facts; he’s quite useful on trivia night!


He loves music and food and has stories about both — including: being in a metal band, singing on a choir tour in Europe, and seeing musical acts from local Missoula bands to The Who. Also, he makes a mean from-scratch pizza.


Missoula Community Theater volunteer
Roxy Theater volunteer
International Film Festival volunteer
A New Angle (podcast) executive producer, audio editor (past)


The University of Montana B.A., business administration, marketing major
Google Analytics certification