Cheff Stenslie

Analytics Specialist


PartnersCreative is not a project-focused agency — we are client focused. Instead of approaching our work as piecemeal tactics, we tie every project together through team communication and strategy. The effectiveness of this approach is evident in the success of our clients.


Most of us tell tales using words. Rachael tells stories using data. She understands the impact and opportunity that lie within campaign metrics and audience demographics. And she knows how to help clients dig into the data to unearth effective marketing strategies and tactics.


Rachael came to us as an intern focused on analytics research and reporting. After a year juggling her internship and business analytics graduate program, she joined our staff with additional duties specifically supporting client website and app development work. Her focus is ultimately on what’s most beneficial to our clients’ end goals — outcomes where we are unwilling to compromise in our work. Always a number cruncher, she knows how to dive deep and make sense of complex data sets — but also how to never lose sight of the sum total and bottom line. Rachael’s desire and ability to always keep learning is crucial as her professional niche and personal worlds keep expanding and evolving.


More than a few of us here chose a creative career after realizing there was no way we would get through a statistics class. So we’re glad we have Rachael to help us understand what we missed — and why it matters.


Ask Rachael about her first time flying. And her first (and second and third) time being detained by customs agents; it was quite the trip.


A very special corgi convinced Rachael to join our team. Believe it or not, the story only gets better from there.


If you have a green thumb that’s wise in ancient arts, Rachael is looking for bonsai advice.


Missoula County 4-H volunteer


University of Montana M.S., business analytics; B.S., business administration with an emphasis in marketing, minor in media arts

Google Ads & Google Analytics certifications