Bacon detective


When I can smell or see bacon, I should eat bacon. The fact that it hasn’t already been eaten is epistemological proof that nobody else wants it. The fact that it is on Susan’s desk is immaterial.


Nyah is living proof that one person’s trash is another’s treasure. One day while she was picking over the riches at a landfill on the Crow Reservation, a friendly human gave her a ride to a shelter in Billings. There, the young pup found the match of her dreams: Amber, our senior graphic and motion designer.


In the early years, Amber and Nyah took life one step at a time. Nyah had difficulty going on “normal” walks, and many adventures would end with Nyah safely hoisted in Amber’s arms (don’t let this fool you … she’s not a small dog). She was especially terrified of crossing over or under bridges.


But now the duo has made it across the bridge and into a life where the grass really is greener … and the scraps taste even better.


Do you want to go? Ready?


What’s that? Do you see it?


Want to go swimming?


Rose Garden bud trimmer

Salmon River Yellowjacket Swarm catcher & releaser

Neighborhood Squirrel Watch game organizer


Outdoor Learning Academy B.A., mouse hunting, fox-style jumping specialty

The Dance School dance circle choreographer