Exercise Assistant to Millie


The best work comes from happy people who feel seen and valued. It’s therefore critical that I acknowledge each person on my team, every day — even if it’s just a quick hello as they walk through the door.


Our hero’s journey commences in the stunning landscape of Florence, where Mojo was born with the blood of champions coursing through his veins.


Florence … Montana, that is.


Agency (and life) partners Susan and Steve had been watching the Florence kennel for some time, toying with the idea of bringing a puppy into the PartnersCreative family. One fateful day, perusing Facebook, Mojo popped into their feed. He was the last of his litter available and, depending on who you ask, it was either destiny or impulsiveness that ultimately brought him to Susan and Steve’s home. From the age of 12 weeks Mojo made the agency his second home, the office his pack and the neighborhood his domain to love and protect. The fates conspired to ensure Mojo was supported in all of his quests and delivered Millie, a lab of the same age, to a family next door. The two immediately bonded and made a vow to bring joy to all who cross their paths.


The Montana adventures of Mojo and his sidekick Millie have only just begun.


Where’s Millie?




Fetch it up!


The Greenspace Initiative waterer of all things

Woody Street Tourism Council volunteer greeter

River Runners Adventures Co. raft boat security & water tester


Labs R It hunting training degree