Media Coordinator


Marketing thrives on a comprehensive outlook that accounts for both creativity and strategy. It’s the effective collaboration within our team that helps us to be successful in this endeavor. For me, it’s not enough to know my role in this; I want to see and understand how everything fits together.


Strong situational awareness. The flexibility to turn on a dime and improvise as opportunities emerge. Knowing how to connect and elevate the strengths of every teammate. And of course, the ability to dribble really fast.


Oh, you thought we were talking about the qualities of an effective media coordinator? Actually we were describing the qualities of a great soccer midfielder. But as you can see, there’s a lot of transferable skills between the role Makayla has played on the pitch for most of her life, and the role she now plays as part of our media team.


Working side-by-side with Stephen Borsum, each day Makayla helps set up, monitor and assess campaigns in ways that strengthen connections between campaign tactics and strategic goals. She’s also an integral part of our research team, tracking trends in the industry. When asked what she likes about what she does, Makayla reports, “Being part of a team environment and working on meaningful projects is what truly drives me. I love connecting with my teammates and collaborating towards shared goals.”


We feel fortunate to have drafted her to our squad straight out of college. She helps make our whole team more effective.


Makayla’s family has a Christmas tradition of spending the holiday in a new city every year. Ask her about the time their luggage was lost both going to their destination and getting home.


Some of us like coffee. Makayla considers it to be her love language.


Makayla adores a certain sitcom about a group of Friends and watches the show daily. It’s no surprise that she can recite quotes from most episodes, her favorite being “Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?”


Sentinel Girls Soccer coach (past)

Strikers Assistant coach (past)

Sentinel Boys Basketball social media manager


University of Montana B.S. business administration, with an emphasis in marketing, minor in history, certificate in digital marketing