Our agency is built on strong partnerships that begin with a telephone call or someone walking through our door. As the person who greets clients and vendors when they come calling, I make sure they know I am ready and able to help.


Loreen has been a part of the PartnersCreative family since nearly the beginning. And the story of her own family is inextricably interwoven with the agency. Back in 2004, six years into Loreen’s tenure here, her first daughter was born. Two more would follow. For each, the agency served as a home away from home. As infants they would sleep under Loreen’s desk or in a spare office. When they learned to crawl they would scoot around the office, visiting the production department or bouncing in the laps of the partners while they worked.


“They definitely got the benefit of having a lot of stimulus, a lot of aunties and uncles,” Loreen recalls. “It was so great to have the flexibility and have everybody willing to pitch in so that I could have a family and a career at the same time.”


All that juggling certainly kept Loreen on her toes; but that was nothing new to this former cross-country star turned math adjunct professor at the University of Montana turned multiyear Riverbank Run trifecta winner. Analytical and meticulous by nature (and good-natured always), Loreen keeps our money moving smoothly and on time — keeping our vendors, freelancers, staff and clients happy as a result.


Running. Loreen can tell you about all of the best trail routes around Western Montana. Get her rolling and she might even tell you about the time she was treed by a mountain lion.


These days, home births aren’t exactly news in Missoula. But the way that Loreen’s second daughter arrived in the world is still a mighty amusing story.


Loreen spent three summers during college living on Mackinac Island, a small resort island in Lake Huron where cars are prohibited. She makes it sound like a pretty magical place.


Mountain West Track Club board of directors
Delta Gamma House Corporation, Pi Chapter board of directors, vice president
First Presbyterian Church annual Food Bank Drive coordinator
FPC Youth Group leader 2019 mission trip to Juarez, Mexico
Capstone Condo Association
Mountain West Classic cross-country race
 assistant to the race director and team registration payment coordinator
Missoula Youth Track Club president
Missoula Marathon starting line coordinator (past)
Bitterroot Gymnastics Booster Club president (past)
UCCC Preschool
 board of directors, treasurer (past)


The University of Montana M.A., statistics; B.A., business management; B.S., mathematical sciences