Business Manager


While my role is focused on the constant analysis of numbers and processes, I always keep in mind that it’s ultimately about strengthening internal and external relationships. I work to help our teams and our clients make well-informed decisions while motivating and inspiring the heart of the company: our creativity.


Is it crazy to dream of being in school forever? Not in Leta’s mind. But such a dream is certainly impractical; after all, there are bills to be paid. And what if curiosity is a daily driver? Leta found her answers — and her balance — in the agency world, where there’s always something new every day.


“We never do the same thing twice for clients,” says Leta. “So the budgets as well as the creative are never the same. There’s never a boring moment around here.”


Leta first noticed her passion for lifelong learning, ironically, when she started student teaching at the end of her undergraduate years. Seeing the light turn on in kids as they learned new math and science skills opened her eyes to her own natural curiosity and passion for adventure. Several years later, while taking more classes at the University of Montana, Leta met agency principal Susan Ash — who was so impressed with Leta’s calm and easy way with people and analytical mind that she recruited Leta to run the business side of the agency.


Now, every day she works to help our account teams maximize what they can accomplish on behalf of clients, while also keeping our own company humming. It’s a constant learning experience — which is right up her alley. And then there’s often a lecture or museum visit in her evening.


Corgis. Leta lives with quite the adorable one of her own, and is more than thrilled to discuss their adorable personalities and stumpy-legged mischief-making. She says they are made out of misfit Lego pieces.


Animal, vegetable, mineral. If you want to get Leta going, just ask what seminar or talk or museum exhibit she went to that week. Even spiders are getting interesting.


Watching or photographing people. If you ever find Leta at the mall, she’s not shopping; she’s people-watching. An avid portrait photographer as well, she is endlessly fascinated by the range of human expression.


Five Valleys Land Trust event photographer, Hands on the Land volunteer
Camp Mak-A-Dream event photographer, RATPOD volunteer
North Hills Elk Herd project fence removal volunteer
Missoula Urban Demonstration Project
 sustainable living workshop development volunteer


The University of Montana MBA Essentials certificate; B.A., elementary education
Rocky Mountain School of Photography 
portrait and product photography, lighting and video