Prepress & IT Manager


The way technology shapes the field of marketing is by creating an ever-growing network of systems that enable storytellers to communicate with the world. Learning the logical processes that guide those systems, from prepress logistics to computer specifications has enabled our workflows to continuously improve over time.


John has a lot of names around here. Server Wizard. Adobewan Kenobi … But above all we call him JB. To him, there is a logical workflow to most things in life, and that worldview has made him quite the accomplished tinkerer. We’re not positive if he’s an expert at reverse engineering or an actual engineer at this point, but whether he’s replacing a camshaft in a Chevy 350 overnight or setting up a fool-proof server workflow or taking a photographic image and making it dazzling and perfect for its intended audience, his analytical mindset enables to him to review complex systems in a streamlined manner and effectively optimize them.


JB has experienced the production world evolution from typesetting houses and high-res drum scanners to Adobe Photoshop and InDesign. Likewise, his image and film photography expertise has grown to include all things digital. His transition to computers and IT came about in a way that’s common in the tech world: he was the only one willing to sit there and figure it out. In addition to his many print production and imagery color correction hats, he was told, in the immortal words of Susan, “Hey, you’re our IT guy now.”


Whether it’s a photo, an antelope he’s hunting or a new hardware connection, he makes it all work beautifully. And he cooks too.


JB’s personalized license plate reads “CATFSHN.” He sure loves to talk about his favorite catfish holes in Eastern Montana. Don’t forget to ask about the mayfly-fur coat he once found himself wearing. Or his favorite way to cook ’em.


After working all day with other people’s photography, JB often takes off hiking and shoots his own. He loves both the art and technique of photography; as a natural born teacher, he easily shares that experience and enthusiasm.


JB is known among a certain set of Italian nationals as their official unofficial guide to Yellowstone National Park. Meals included.


Five Valleys Land Trust event photographer, landscape photographer, Hands on the Land volunteer, fundraiser
Camp Mak-A-Dream event photographer, fundraiser, RATPOD volunteer
Watson Children’s Shelter event volunteer (Pro-Am Tennis, Bike for Shelter)
Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks Youth Angler Education Program volunteer (past)


Adobe training including InDesign, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator; studied CSS and Apple Technical Service