Brand, Content & PR Strategist


People today have a lower tolerance than ever for hype and gloss. I enjoy helping our clients articulate and amplify what’s genuine and valuable about their brands and offerings — and, in so doing, helping them build trust and connection with customers.


At the age of 4, Joe’s parents gave him a pair of wooden spoons to play a drum set he had made out of pots and upturned trash cans. The following day the spoons were taken away. Nonetheless, Joe has marched to his own rhythm ever since.


Back in the mid-1990s, Joe co-created and co-hosted the world’s first online TV series. Thereafter he began writing for the likes of Wired, MIT Technology Review, Outside, The New York Times, The Missoulian and others. More recently Joe wrote “Tainted Revelations” (Missoula Art Museum / University of Washington Press), a book about the iconoclastic, self-trained Montana artist Bill Ohrmann. Ever the drummer, he now plays in a constantly evolving list of classical and indie-rock ensembles.


Joe’s skills as a marketer and communicator are no less diverse. His experience as a reporter and as a newsmaker give him a multidimensional understanding of press strategy and public relations. He is adept at helping organizations distill their essential qualities into inspiring and engaging brand platforms. And his penchant for polyrhythms and his winsome ways with words make him a natural at helping companies turn complex ideas into clear, harmonized messaging — and then coordinate cadences to amplify that messaging in the marketplace.


Ask Joe to bend his index finger flat against the back of his hand. He can. And it’s totally gross.


Paisley and polyester: Joe definitely has his own … style. “The louder and more mismatched, the better,” he says. Finding those eye-popping shirts isn’t easy — especially on a budget. Get him talking and he might share his secrets.


Joe can yap about almost any kind of music; but if you really want to get him rolling, bring up anything related to classical music or opera. He’s kind of a geek.


YWCA Missoula family housing center advisory council member
Missoula Interfaith Collaborative
housing advocacy network volunteer
Missoula Symphony Orchestra percussionist, program notes writer
Mötörhöme drummer
Missoula Art Museum board of directors (past)
Missoula Writing Collaborative board of directors (past)
Montana Lyric Opera founding vice president and marketing director (past)


Indiana University B.A., highest honors, anthropology with English minor