Graphic Designer


Great design takes inspiration, sure, but it also takes a lot of hard work and attention to detail. My job is to balance vision and precision in a way that ultimately appears effortless and simply “right” to the audience.


Brandon’s first big taste of designer “fame” — and no doubt not his last — was seeing his arena graphics displayed on ESPN2 during a basketball game between Wofford College, where he was interning as a graphic designer, and the venerable Tar Heels of the University of North Carolina. The Wofford fans were also wearing T-shirts designed by Brandon. An avid pick-up baller himself, Brandon realized there are more ways to impact the game than by passing off the pick-and-roll.


With his tireless work ethic and team-first attitude, Brandon has since become a key player on our design squad. His BFA in graphic design from Montana State University and his subsequent internships at Wofford and the Whirlpool Corporation gave him the core skills of visual design, but Brandon really hums when he can apply his insatiable curiosity and researcher’s fortitude to find new and innovative ways to bring concepts to life. His background in fine arts means he’s willing, too, to see things from a more classical perspective. “Studying fine arts helped my understanding of composition and color as a designer,” he says, “and I love when I can draw something by hand and recreate it digitally. It’s kind of the best of both worlds as far as I’m concerned.”


Couple all of this with Brandon’s willingness to put in the sweat needed to succeed and we feel like we’ve landed a No. 1 draft pick for some time to come.


Shoes. He has dozens and dozens. A new sneaker release is like Christmas, almost.


Midwest drive, southern comfort. Brandon’s internships exposed him to the broad diversity of cultures in our country. He’s fascinated by our similarities, and our differences, and can talk about it at length.


Showtime, Kobe, Shaq … Brandon lives for the Lakers.


Youth basketball volunteer & referee with Montana Officials Association
Big Sky High School senior project judge
Frenchtown Elementary School visiting art instructor (past)
Montana State University campus tour guide (past)


Montana State University BFA, graphic design
Montana State University Honors College Honors Baccalaureate Degree