Account Manager


So often people think of successful marketing as solely a creative process, but you have to grasp the analytics and the science behind it to truly understand why particular messaging or imaging works. If you don’t, then you can’t recreate it or, conversely, you can’t avoid missing the mark going forward.


This Butte native suspects that subconsciously she always wanted to go into the marketing business. When she was little, she spent hours drawing a sign to advertise her Kool-Aid stand and even wrote a jingle to attract customers. She further honed her skills when she was 6 years old, going door-to-door selling rocks to neighbors. “I was pretty successful,” she recalls, “but my mom was furious and made me give the money back.”


Her love for the business exploded her sophomore year in college. An accounting major at the University of Montana, she was exposed to marketing in a required course called, of course, Intro to Marketing. “On the first day we did an exercise where we had to convince the class to buy a certain kind of snack bar by putting on a little skit / commercial, and I immediately fell in love with the psychology behind influencing an audience and the subject matter in general,” she recalls. “I switched my major the next day.”


Still, she’s never quite shaken her fascination with analytics, believing that the numbers behind a campaign are as vital to success as catchy copy and design. “You can’t go on your gut feeling,” she says. “You need to have the data and the research to back it up.” Today Bailey applies her creative side and mathematical mind to each client project she’s on, making sure our team delivers campaigns that not only meet timelines and budgets, but also exceed expectations.


Did you dust it for fingerprints? Bailey goes truly bonkers for anything true crime. “If I could stand the sight of blood, I’d have been a detective,” she says.


The gridiron. Her father played for the Griz, but Bailey admits she’s really more of a USC fan. It would be best, she adds, if we kept that little secret to ourselves.


Harry Potter. She’s read ‘em all. Like seven times.


Special Olympics summer and winter seasons volunteer
Big Brothers Big Sisters big sister (past)
American Marketing Association of UM executive board member (past)
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital’s Up ‘Til Dawn board member (past)


University of Montana M.S., business analytics; B.S., business administration — marketing/digital marketing certificate with minor in media arts