Associate Creative Director


Art is never made on a blank canvas. History lends us shapes; it’s up to us to find new ways to transform them into meaning. By thinking beyond the traditional and acknowledging outside forces, concepts are strengthened and great design can be achieved.


One day Amber was submitting her portfolio to a cryptic Craigslist ad and the next she was meeting with YouTube pioneer Hank Green (of VlogBrothers fame) to plan the brand identity for his vision for a new channel. Amber’s an innovative, forward-thinking artist, so this was right in her wheelhouse. When she became creative director of this new science educational channel — one of YouTube’s first original channels — it was simply one of many pivotal moments in her life when she leapt at an opportunity to integrate technology into her art, life and work.


Both of her media arts degrees took shape in a similar way. When the University of Montana’s media arts program grew from a minor to a major during her final year of college, she chose to remain enrolled and complete the new courses. When the pilot program for a master’s degree was established, Amber was selected as one of its first students. She eagerly became, in her words, “a guinea pig,” developing course work based on independent interests and collaborating with professors and fellow students. Along the way, Amber developed one of the first exclusively online courses for the University of Montana’s School of Media Arts.


At PartnersCreative, Amber continues to pursue her never-ending quest for knowledge. Learning new industries and contributing to visual communication products for our clients places her right in her element — bridging the gap between print and digital technologies, always looking toward the future.


Ask Amber about her passion for digital art installations and projection mapping. She’s not afraid to admit she’s a tech nerd.


Amber is a river rat in the best sense of the term. Her month-long experience rafting the Grand Canyon provided her with nonstop “eye candy” as a surreal inspiration for her art.


Don’t let her be modest — Amber is a best of show winner from the Digital Graffiti Festival where she completed a weeklong residency in Alys Beach, Florida.


The Max Wave board member
University of Montana School of Media Arts online instructor (past)


University of Montana MFA, media arts; B.A., radio & television production and media arts with an integrated digital media focus