Look again. See differently.

Deloitte’s U.S. brand platform is “Look again,” a theme that encompasses how Deloitte’s people find opportunity where others don’t. Deloitte turned to PartnersCreative to help translate that into a national campaign. Conceptually, we focused the work on the potential awakened by new technologies. The ads invite the world to “look again” and see what technology (and Deloitte) sees in the world. The video shown here was used to introduce the campaign to Deloitte’s employees, knowing that they’d be seeing it in airports and magazines near them.

We launched a national campaign that appeared in major airports, business publications and online outlets.
Print advertising

Print executions built on Deloitte’s distinctive global style by using split circular imagery and headlines to pique the reader’s interest. Copy reinforced how Deloitte is using technologies to see the world differently and find opportunities for clients.

Deloitte's Cloud Buyer Map

Digital ads supported extensive amplified content in Wired, Fortune, Fast Company and Bloomberg outlets.
Airport and digital advertising

Airport video placements as well as online placements tackled broad themes (innovation) and business-centered themes (market analytics). We used a combination of rectangular and circular imagery to create a look again moment within each placement through which the viewer discovers Deloitte as a means to see a challenge or idea differently.

Sports sponsorships

As part of our ongoing brand efforts, PartnersCreative also creates campaigns designed to translate brand themes and platforms to vertical audiences. In this case, followers of the U.S. Open Tennis tournament. This video ad ran online and in stadium. The print ad appeared in the official tournament guide.