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Winners announced in Google Grant 2015 assistance sweepstakes

#GivingTuesday Google Grant winners - blog post

As part of #GivingTuesday early this month, we offered to help five nonprofits through the process of applying for $10,000/month each in free advertising through the Google Grants program. More than two dozen organizations entered the sweepstakes. While there was (predictably) a high concentration of Montana organizations, we received entries from groups in five states and the District of Columbia.

We’re pleased to announce that the following five winners were drawn at random from the entries we received:

Families First / Children’s Museum of Missoula (Missoula, MT)
Missoula Art Museum (Missoula, MT)
The Clay Studio of Missoula (Missoula, MT)
Wright to Read (Alexandria, VA)
Velohealth, Inc. (Portland, OR)

We’ll be working with these organizations in the coming weeks to help them access the grants and achieve their goals — which include telling their stories to more people, attracting new members, and increasing donations or fundraising.

We’ve found the Google Grants program to be a powerful tool for nonprofits, and one that surprisingly few choose to utilize. There’s certainly a process to accessing the grants, but the results are worth it. If your nonprofit is interested in talking about what Google Grants can do to help you reach your goals, give a call to Tony Ferrini, our digital director, at 406-541-2263; or you can email him.

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