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Active WordPress Vulnerability — Update Your Website!

Do you own or manage a website? Is it powered by WordPress?

If so, update your website right away.

There is a current WordPress vulnerability that is actively being exploited across the web. This “content injection” exploit is considered easy to use and severe in nature because an attacker can alter the content on your website, all from a remote connection.

This security issue was identified and announced on February 1, 2017, with attackers exploiting the security hole almost immediately. This has left website owners with little time to respond, which is why we are helping spread the word with this announcement. We recommend that website owners, especially those using WordPress, immediately review their websites and perform necessary updates and backups.

The best course of action comes in the form of prevention. We often remind people that website security is mostly about website maintenance. No system is 100 percent secure and systems tend to become less secure over time without regular maintenance. Many website owners launch a new website without any formal maintenance plan. These are the websites that expose themselves to the most risk.

The philosophy we take at PartnersCreative is to discuss website maintenance with clients at the start of a project and encourage clients to adopt a maintenance plan with any new website launch. This typically means that websites are updated faster, the window for open security risks is minimized, and less time and money is spent frantically trying to recover from a hacked website. The ultimate benefit of a website maintenance plan is that businesses and organizations can remain focused on what they do best.

So please, if you haven’t already, update your website immediately.

More information about this specific security risk can be found in the article below: