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PartnersCreative staff on the perfect podcast. Turn it up.

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As an agency ripe with multitaskers used to working on multifaceted client projects, it should come as no surprise that just doing one thing at a time makes us feel like the ultimate slackers. That’s why we’re convinced that podcasting is a most-perfect form of after-work entertainment / enlightenment. How else could we get so much done on a weekend (or on a long drive or on a run) and still learn about the workings of the brain or tragic histories of some of Hollywood’s most famous blondes? While many offices talk sports, we talk podcasts. The subject gets us exercised.

Because we can’t fit you all around our office cooler, we’ve decided over the next few weeks to share some of our favorite podcasts.

Today, we’ll hear from Partner / Creative Director Sean Benton, a podcast connoisseur:

“Heavyweight” — Johnathon Goldstein is a podcast god. His stuff literally makes you laugh and cry within the turn of a few phrases. In “Heavyweight,” he goes about helping people or factions with differences reconcile their past. It’s moving and so revealing of human nature. I love it.

“S-Town” — I’m not even sure how to describe it. It’s kind of about a crime, kind of about a mad genius, kind of about redneck America and it’s all true. Brilliant stuff.

“Crimetown” — A fascinating, colorful and hilarious look at Providence, Rhode Island, and its history of corruption and mob behavior. There are some priceless characters in this podcast.

“Radiolab” — Not just tech but science. If I could only listen to one thing it’d probably be this podcast. It doesn’t just shape what I think about a given issue, it shapes how I think about storytelling and editing.

“Planet Money” — Like it or not, business is about money and this podcast does a great job of covering how money influences trade, economy, housing, culture and more. The episode on the housing crash and how it happened was mind-blowingly good.

“More Perfect” (from the makers of “Radiolab”) — It’s a brilliant look at the U.S. Supreme Court’s role in society and politics. They take landmark cases and amendments and explore the history and impact of the court’s decisions. If it sounds dry … it isn’t. The gun show opened my eyes to how the Second Amendment has been subverted by the NRA by just telling the story of it through the Supreme Court’s cases on it. This is truly a must-listen.

“Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me” — For me, it’s taken the place of “The Daily Show with John Stewart” but it’s a gameshow format. A must-listen for news junkies. Peter Sagel is awesome.

“Reply All” — I listen to this quite a bit. They have a recurring segment called “Yes, Yes, Yes” where two of the ultra-tech-savvy guys try to explain memes or tweets to their far-less tech-savvy boss. It’s usually funny and revealing, both. They also do smart radio journalism on topics ranging from blockchain to skip tracing to stealing passwords to Twitter’s influence on the NBA.

I also love “This American Life” —  who doesn’t — “Freakonomics” and “How I Built This.” I listen to others off and on. In fact, “Embedded” is rising on my rotation and I find myself listening to “2 Dope Queens” now and again. Funny stuff.