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Outside’s Best Place to Work: Our Best Place to Work

PartnersCreative received Best Places to Work by Outside (logo)

A little more than 10 years ago I first walked into a place called PartnersCreative at 603 Woody in downtown Missoula. Not only was I thrilled to be back in my college town and able to rekindle all the outdoor pursuits that are so easy to do here (incidentally, an Outside Greatest Place to Live), but it was clear at first sight that this would be a hip place to work as well — a former brick-walled butcher shop converted into a stylish office and filled with an impressive advertising portfolio.

But it wasn’t the cool office space or even the creative work that has kept me here now a decade later — it’s simply the people. You’ll notice that we aren’t one of those marketing agencies named after the principals’ last names. We’re a partnership led by three extremely talented people, who have the best interest of their team in mind — 24/7.

And that’s why I suggested we go after Outside magazine’s nomination for the Best Places to Work. Through the application process it became even more apparent that our interaction (on the clock and off), collaboration and leadership at PartnersCreative is something unique. And each employee solidified that feeling through the survey process. While the surveys were confidential, the feedback everyone expressed afterward was overwhelming.

Here are just a few highlights my colleagues shared about their experiences at PartnersCreative:

  • I love hanging out with everyone in the Party Park (our backyard green space home to outdoor meetings and summer lunches).
  • My sit-stand desk makes my back happy.
  • I get to take my birthday off (paid) — who wants to work on their birthday?
  • I’m accepted and embraced for my retro chic style.
  • It’s okay to bring my kids in to color next to me when I’m working late.
  • When it’s hunting season, my colleagues work around my time off without complaint — in trade for some jerky, of course.
  • I wouldn’t be active in my community without the support of the agency.

And here’s what Outside says about our Best Place to Work.

Lori at lunch with her boys in the Party Park.

If you feel, like I do, that you work at one of the country’s best places to work, find out more about Outside’s application process here:

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