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Is Your Website Ready For The Google Mobile Update?

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If your website isn’t mobile ready, it could begin suffering a hit in mobile search results. Today, Google rolled out their mobile friendly update, shaking up search results. The new Google search algorithm identifies whether websites are designed for mobile users, and gives preference to those websites by boosting their rank in mobile search results. Early estimates predict at least 12 percent of mobile search results will be affected, making it one of Google’s more significant updates in years.

This latest update from Google reinforces the importance of mobile friendly design in websites. At PartnersCreative, we have been designing mobile friendly websites for years. Our process uses responsive design to alter the presentation for various screen sizes, delivering a positive user experience regardless of the device accessing it. So our client websites should perform well in this latest update from Google. But any website owner that is unsure about their performance in mobile should review their website right away.

The Mobile Friendly Test below from Google will test your website for mobile readiness. This serves as a quick check to see if your website might get penalized in the upcoming algorithm change. Any website that doesn’t pass this test should be considered for updates to a mobile friendly design. But for those that do pass the mobile test, this should serve as a reminder about the importance of mobile users and the potential traffic from Google. Get in touch with us at PartnersCreative if you’d like to learn more about responsive design or a mobile assessment.

Google’s Mobile Friendly Tool:


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