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Get Up, Stand Up

Photo of Kara standing by her new stand up desk

Over the past several months, years actually, I’ve sat on my bum while working. With my profession, I’m stationed in front of my computer; there’s no way around it. Web programming and development is something I love to do but sitting all day is not part of the love. I haven’t had back problems (yet) but my legs and my derriere were taking the toll and I was ready to start standing (and not just to go refill my water bottle).

I most definitely had some specific standards in mind though. I didn’t want to stand the entire workday; it would be nice to sit too. I was looking for a way to shift my stance with ease. I didn’t want it to take 20 minutes to rebuild my desk in order to sit or stand. (I tried that at home, not fun.) Another factor I needed was the ability to house my two monitors, safely. I searched and searched for reasonable options. There were a lot of options out there but the great ones also came with a too-hefty fee. Then I found a company called VARIDESK. The unit sits on top of your desk as a sitting desk and converts it to a standing desk. At any time, depress the side levers and raise it to stand, then when you or your feet change your mind, just depress the side levers and fold it back down into a sitting desk. There was a model that holds two monitors and the price was around $300. Exactly what I was looking for.

A few days later, I saw the company was giving away a VARIDESK as a Facebook contest. I entered and with the help of my (sitting) co-workers, friends and family, I won it! They were quick to ship and I’m standing at my VARIDESK as I type this. At first, for me, it took a little getting used to. Now, I don’t know how I sat the entire day, every day. My legs feel better, yes, my bum too, and it feels good to be able to break up the time. My posture is much better when I’m standing and I feel a bit more energetic. If you haven’t yet heard the phrase “sitting is the new smoking,” Google it. You’ll find a ton of articles about it.

I would like to thank the partners at PartnersCreative. After a day of watching me so happy at my new stand up desk, they made everyone’s lives at work healthier by giving the gift of these VARIDESKS to everyone. We have all joined the stand-up revolution!

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