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From the Hi-Line to the Red Carpet — Part II

Winter in the Blood co-directors Alex and Andrew Smith on the red carpet at the Roxy Theater.

PartnersCreative’s PR team tells the journey of “Winter in the Blood,” a Montana-made film.

Almost exactly two years after we first began promoting “Winter in the Blood” on behalf of the Montana Film Office, we finally got our chance to see it when the film came home on July 20 for its Montana premiere and a red carpet event at the Roxy Theater in Missoula. The event was a quintessential moment, with eager fans and local media drifting onto Higgins Ave. for a chance to see the cast and crew who brought Montana to the big screen. Co-directors Alex and Andrew Smith hung out on the red carpet as cameras clicked away.

Roxy_SoldOutSign_350pixFor our PR team, sitting in the packed theatre at the Roxy was a heartwarming validation of the work we had done. What we saw on the screen made us laugh, made us cry, took our breath away. We speak purely as Montanans and film buffs when we say that “Winter in the Blood” is everything we hoped it would be — a beautiful ode to a beautiful book about a beautiful part of our state rarely seen on film. Montanans can be very proud of our homegrown filmmakers who created this remarkable independent film.

Now, the film takes on a life more properly its own. It is no longer an article of faith; it exists. But its journey is far from over. The Smith brothers are considering distribution deals and will continue to screen the film at festivals across the country and into Canada. We’ll let you know about the anticipated Montana screening tour this fall.

The "Winter in the Blood" cast on the red carpet.
The “Winter in the Blood” cast on the red carpet.

In the meantime, you can help bring “Winter in the Blood” and its striking Montana cinematography to a wider audience. For independent films today, grassroots audience buzz is a critical element in finding wider distribution.

So make sure you “Like” the film on Facebook; hashtag your Tweets about it to #WinterBloodFilm. If you’ve seen it, talk about it on social media. And follow the journey of the film and many more Montana-made film projects through the Montana Film Office at

Welcome to the Montana film-industry PR team. We’re happy to have you along.

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