Media Buyer


Relationships sustain and grow through the trust clients place in agencies to conscientiously manage their budgets and strengthen their brand. We earn that trust by not only delivering diligently planned and meticulously executed media campaigns, but also by “showing our work” — demonstrating value, proving delivery and measuring performance at every step.


Kris has seen our media department grow from a one-person team consisting of one superstar (herself), to the diversified department of specialists that it is today. As the marketing world continues to erase the line between traditional and digital media, her insight is key to helping us bridge and balance tried-and-true methods with leading-edge tactics and planning.


While the digital side of media has continued to grow more intricate to navigate due to new platforms and various ways to buy and sell ad inventory, traditional media remains largely centered on the bonds agencies build with their vendor partners. Kris is able to effortlessly balance building those relationships with minding, first and foremost, the needs and expectations of our clients as we plan and execute on media campaigns.


She is also keenly aware that successful media campaigns transcend a strictly analytical and data-driven mindset. “Creativity isn’t just the job of the creative department,” she says. Understanding how to effectively reach audiences of all sizes or how to blend digital and traditional media tactics requires thinking outside the Roku box.


Her approach is bolstered by her experience on both the agency and client sides. Kris has co-owned and operated several family-owned businesses throughout her career and her viewpoint provides another important bridge — between what we know and do as an agency and how clients interpret success from media campaigns.


How to (safely!) remove and replace a load-bearing wall. Kris and her husband love to renovate houses; and they particularly like the challenges that most folks would warn them against.


The Minnesota Vikings. Or the Packers, if you want to see her skin crawl.


Favorite hot dog brands. When Kris was a kid, she would only eat one kind. She is still a famously picky eater; good luck convincing her to try any kind of seafood.


Hellgate Lacrosse Club past board president
Hellgate High School K.O.R.T. (parent-involvement group) executive committee member
Missoula Elite Lacrosse board member


University of Minnesota — Duluth B.B.A., business administration/marketing