Media Buyer


At many ad agencies, the media buyer works in a little box, off to herself. I love that I get the chance to collaborate within our agency to help our clients find creative ways of reaching their target audiences — ways that go beyond traditional advertising buys.


Kris first dove into the world of media planning in 1991 when she took a position at a midsized agency in Minneapolis, where she was soon promoted to broadcast media buyer. After a stint at another agency in the city followed by five years as a freelance planner and buyer, she and her family moved to Missoula in 2002. In 2006 she joined PartnersCreative, where she remained for three and a half years before leaving for a time to help run her family’s business.

Recently she rejoined the agency, handling media research and planning for our clients, and then executing the media strategies. We and our clients could not be happier to have her back.


How to (safely!) remove and replace a load-bearing wall. Kris and her husband love to renovate houses; and they particularly like the challenges that most folks would warn them against.


The Minnesota Vikings. Or the Packers, if you want to see her skin crawl.


Favorite hot dog brands. When Kris was a kid, she would only eat one kind. She is still a famously picky eater; good luck convincing her to try any kind of seafood.


Hellgate Lacrosse Club past board president
Hellgate High School K.O.R.T. (parent-involvement group) executive committee member
Missoula Elite Lacrosse board member


University of Minnesota — Duluth B.B.A., business administration/marketing