Strategy Director


Organizations that are clear about their purpose beyond profit will always be more successful in the marketplace. We help companies tell their stories in clear, compelling ways that differentiate themselves from competitors across everything they do — from the way they hire to the services they provide.


Originally from Colorado, Kevin spent 18 years living and working around the world in places ranging from Australia to Sweden and an unplanned 15-year stint in London before deciding to come home to the Rocky Mountains. Kevin’s out-and-back migration has a certain poetic resonance with his professional focus. He loves helping organizations navigate change and enrich their identities while honoring their roots.


Kevin’s experience covers virtually every imaginable aspect of how to create, build, grow, extend, defend and connect brands to people inside and outside organizations. From brand positioning to employee engagement, from intranets to employer branding, Kevin is a holistic thinker and a big believer that the greatest organizations are built from the inside out.


His teams have collaborated with clients to create award-winning, effective brand and talent solutions for companies including AstraZeneca, KPMG and Coca-Cola, as well as small NGOs and government departments on multiple continents. Among his many accomplishments, Kevin was instrumental in repositioning Ernst & Young as EY using purpose-led positioning.


Motorcycles. Kevin is passionate about Triumph motorcycles and used to commute through central London on a variety of them.


Music. He played bass in a British punk band and is a singer-songwriter who has written a lot of bad songs (and a few good ones). Ask him about his guitar collection.


A to Zed. Kevin’s years in London still come through occasionally in his language. Don’t be surprised if he looks at you funny when you compliment his “pants.”


World Wildlife Fund coach to a senior WWF (U.K.) professional
University of Montana “Pursue your Passions” program student mentor
John Ruffato Business Plan annual competition (University of Montana) judge


University of Denver M.A., social science; B.A., mass communication and journalism / international studies, with a minor in Russian
Georgetown University Institute on Political Journalism