Digital / Web Developer


Design isn’t necessarily just a subjective idea; you can have objectively pleasing design. Because design serves as a communication tool, it must be geared toward what is approachable for your audience in a way that best communicates your message.


Jesse has a knack for taking components and making them fit together in an elegant way that speaks to viewers. A former bike mechanic who took up sculpture in college, this should come as no surprise. But he prides himself on more than powerful aesthetics — there is equal if not greater pride in his ability to create functionality.


While building his own desktop computer, Jesse began independently studying programming basics in order to fully comprehend the capabilities of his handiwork. With his background in cultural anthropology and design, he sought to learn the skills necessary to develop applications that would allow the end user to leverage incredible technologies in approachable, seamless and empowering ways. To do so, he needed to enhance his computer language proficiencies. He knew that to gain a real feel for programming, he would need to just immerse himself in it — so he did just that from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. for three months in an intensive code school. This has all culminated in his ability to balance efficient coding with a focus on human interaction and the user experience.


Though he gradually bored of fixing bikes, we have high hopes that Jesse’s future with PartnersCreative will be a long and fruitful one. Thriving on the innovative nature of programming, we know he finds digital and web development appealing because there is infinite material to learn — and then it changes. Programming that goes beyond troubleshooting is his domain.


Jesse has an ongoing art project. Five years ongoing. Loosely described as a design / sculpture project with incorporated lighting, you’ll want to see his origamiesque work-in-progress after hearing about it.


Mountain biking. All things mountain biking. Looking for the best trails in Missoula? Good routes from Canada to the middle of Colorado? Or to discuss the kinematics of full-suspension bikes? Ask him, but only if you have some time.


Genetics, or, nature and nurture. Jesse is half of a dynamic design duo: his twin sister is a jewelry designer.


Free Cycles community bicycle shop, volunteer bike mechanic and maintenance instructor
YWCA Missoula — GUTS summer program, instructor on bike maintenance
Missoula city homeless warming shelter volunteer
Democratic party of Missoula volunteer


Knox College B.A., anthropology and design
Montana Code School graduate