Account Manager


The heart of a successful marketing campaign is ultimately the story you tell. It’s how you connect with your audience and demonstrate your value. My job is to make sure our creative staff has all the pieces necessary to tell our clients’ stories in clear and compelling ways.


This Vermont native and Boston resident moved to Montana for one of the best reasons we can think of. Love. He moved with his fiancé to Missoula in 2019 and quickly found us. Or, we found him.


Before heading west, Ben worked as an account executive and media specialist for Champ, a digital marketing agency in the Boston metro area. Prior to that he honed his now deep experience in website design and video production working as a freelance marketing professional.


His remarkable ability to spin many plates at once traces back to a time when he was helping to spin a bunch of reels: When it comes to his mad skills for spinning many plates at once, Ben credits his years on the road working as a tour manager for Campus Movie Fest, which he says is easily the world’s largest student film festival. During his time there he orchestrated 150-plus events at more than 50 venues in the United States, London and even the 2014 Cannes Film Festival. “I was responsible for all the tour logistics — the opening events, the travel, the budget, the staff hiring,” he recalls. “It was 24-7 and I loved it.”


We’re glad to be part of his latest sequel — “Life in the Agency World” — in which he works directly with our clients to ensure their projects move seamlessly from concept to completion, while staying on point, on budget and on time.


Lights, camera, action. Ben’s a walking IMDb database. Ask him any question about a movie. Any.


The lower 48. He’s stood in all but four and plans to knock out the rest — North Dakota, Idaho, Oregon and Washington — very soon.


Don’t hate him because they’ve won six NFL championships. Ben is a diehard Patriots fan. Normally soft-spoken, he morphs into a crazy man when the team takes the field.


Camp Mak-A-Dream RATPOD volunteer


Northeastern University B.A., English and cinema studies, minor in computer science