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Social ROI — Chart to Show Your CFO

Photo of a graph.

If you’re like most marketing people, your company CFO is continually asking about Social ROI, particularly as it relates to that, ‘Oh what is it? Facepage Friendbook thing?’

Well, we suggest you show her this chart.

It’s from a study done by ComScore about Facebook fan communities. Basically, it says that customers engaged with you on Facebook—and their friends—spend more money with you than those with no Facebook connection to you.

Why is that? Because a robust Facebook community is a great way to offer special deals, post limited offers, provide product updates and answer customer questions. It also makes it easy for people to pass those offers along to friends who’d appreciate them.

BTW, you don’t have to be Target or Amazon to experience strong Social ROI. Our clients, including Discovery Ski Area and Caffe Dolce see great results from the customers they engage through social media.

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