Making Montanans safer at work

We’ve been creating safety campaigns for Montana State Fund since 2006, largely helping the state workers’ comp insurer move its brand from that of a stodgy public agency to that of an agency on a mission to help Montanans work smarter and safer and make Montana a healthier place. In the past year, we reframed that idea in several ways.

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By promoting safety, our work continues to aid in the downward trend of overall claims cost for Montana State Fund.
Celebrating history

Part of a campaign that included online and print placements, this commercial celebrated the centennial of workers’ comp in Montana with a call for all of us to be the safest generation of Montanans.

The Safety Champions

What if rather than looking at safety-minded people as hall monitors, we celebrated them the way we celebrate athletes? There’d be a lot more fist bumping and Gatorade dumping in workplaces. This campaign ran during sports programming and was pushed out through social media and paid digital channels.

Modern, responsive and chock full of safety information, Montana State Fund’s new safety site features a robust library of safety and educational videos, plus sections devoted to addressing Montana’s leading causes of workloss injuries.

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69,346: The number of times our ergonomic safety video has been viewed.
Setting examples two ways

Social change can be instigated in lots of ways. On, Montana State Fund customers find two clear ways to address the issue. The first is a series of animated shorts that are fun and instructive. They’ve been shared tens of thousands of times within companies. The second is an earnest look at successful safety programs around the state, perfect for company leadership to understand the difference safety makes.