Belonging is the new banking.

We began working with Missoula Federal Credit Union at a critical time in its history. The credit union was moving toward a values-based positioning. Our work began by helping MFCU board, leadership and staff craft its mission, vision and values. That work was then used as a launchpad for new positioning in the marketplace — Belonging is the new banking.

MFCU belong campaign logo

Our first campaign for the credit union helped tell its story of values-based banking.
Television advertising

Our brand launch was led by television and supported by strong digital marketing, including banners, social and SEM. The work featured real community figures and credit union customers. It made the point that banking could be about much more than money or transactions — if you belong to your community and to a credit union.

Outdoor advertising and digital

Our outdoor and digital work created a continuous awareness presence around Missoula. The boards rotated to different areas of town in order expose every neighborhood to the new brand message. The banner ads garnered a click-though rate of more than 3X the benchmark average. SEM click-thrus were at 26.3 percent. And the overall number of engagements online eclipsed 27,000.

MFCU Billboard Mockup