Winter discovery in every direction

In early winter 2017 United Airlines began offering direct flights to Kalispell, Montana. Research provided by NSights indicated that San Francisco residents were in the top 10 markets planning trips to Kalispell. In order to capitalize on these new flights, for the Kalispell Convention & Visitor Bureau we launched a campaign with Weekend Sherpa (a local, adventure travel site) that included sponsored content — sponsored story, email newsletter distribution to its readership, social posts and online display ads. We supplemented this partnership with out-of-home and Facebook carousel ads.

Our partnership with Weekend Sherpa garnered 322,269 impressions and an impressive click-through rate of 2 percent.
Expanding Kalispell’s horizon

We geotargeted the area near the out-of-home placement with a Facebook canvas ad. This ad utilized our video for the region and allowed us to focus on a number of activities besides downhill skiing.

Discovery continues through 2018

Due to the success of the 2017 campaign, we continued and expanded our presence in San Francisco. Kalispell didn’t want to compete directly with surrounding ski areas, but rather focus on activities beyond downhill skiing. Out-of-home was placed in key tech districts to reach an active outdoor audience.

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We know SFO

In order to further draw San Francisco residents to Montana, we created a custom landing page that provided helpful tips on what to bring on a trip to Montana, where the best places in town are to eat and, of course, how to enjoy the crown of the continent, Glacier National Park in the winter months.

Kalispell's online campaign