Setting the stage for the next 70 years

Founded in 1947, JCCS is a highly regarded Montana professional services business delivering accounting, tax, audit, employee benefits, wealth and business advisory services to clients throughout the region. The business has grown steadily in an increasingly competitive marketplace. The election of a new CEO, the opportunity their 70th anniversary offered, and a refreshed business strategy all demanded a hard look at their brand and market positioning.


Tangible Brand™ process

We worked closely with the CEO and his leadership team first to develop a refreshed Mission and Vision for JCCS and clearly articulate their strategy internally. Then we conducted internal workshops and external client interviews to get to the core of what made clients and employees love working with JCCS.

JCCS Brand Session image

Seeing beyond the numbers

The core of the brand came from consolidating what we saw happening in the marketplace, what we heard from people at all levels at JCCS, and what clients said. This yielded a brand position, identity and messages that will help clearly position JCCS — and serve as one of the core tools the business uses to achieve its ambitious growth objectives.

What they do best: help clients make better decisions about their futures by looking at more than just the numbers.
Creating a system

The logo locks up with specific business divisions and service lines, and each line is assigned a color. This creates the JCCS brand palette.

Display of JCCS logos

Who We Are and What We Do book

We crafted a print and online booklet for all existing and new employees that talks through not only the new brand and how to use it, but also links it to the strategy of the business so that its people understand this is much more than “just a new logo.”


You can’t drop a book on people’s desks and hope a brand sticks, so we worked with JCCS to create interactive, informative workshops to help ensure people at all levels of the organization could connect the brand to their day-to-day work.
External launch aligned with the 70th anniversary

In addition to a new website, we worked with the client to coordinate the brand launch internally and externally in conjunction with the 70th anniversary so JCCS’ people, clients and prospects could join the celebration and get excited about the future of this forward-looking company.

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