Helping students explore Deloitte

Deloitte offers careers in four different functional service lines — Advisory, Audit, Consulting and Tax. And while that sounds pretty simple, those four service lines create a dizzying array of career options, from business tax to mergers and acquisitions to cloud transformations to supply chain strategy. (Plus internal operations.) As a student, determining where your interests and background fit best can be confusing.

We envisioned an online application that would use relevant educational experience, work style and project preferences to help create a “best fit” for students. The app would come to be known as Explore Your Fit.

DEL Explore Your Fit wibsite screenshot

Making the results relevant

We wanted the results to be highly relevant, not just experiential. To do that we analyzed hiring data, tracking where students landed based on their educational backgrounds. We interviewed lead recruiters to fully understand what they looked for in new hires by functional area. And we deployed an internal survey of work style A/B preferences to help identify work style differences across the functional areas. The result was a robust foundation for assessing fit with just a handful of questions.

Deloitte - Explore Your Fit screenshot - iPad and iPhone

Explore Your Fit launched in early September 2016 and is averaging about 900 unique users per week, to date. The average user rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars.
The experience

We also wanted Explore Your Fit to give candidates two things beyond “fit.” First, we wanted it engage them in Deloitte’s culture by giving them a feel for what it might be like to work at Deloitte. And, second, we wanted to deliver a custom portal that aligned to their best fit and enabled them to further explore links and opportunities at their convenience and on their own time. Given that more than 82 percent of user ratings have given the tool “five stars,” it must be working. We developed this short video to illustrate the tool to Deloitte leadership.

Closing the loop

The custom destination included links to more information, thought leadership, internship opportunities and to Career Journeys — a library of content developed by PartnersCreative over the past two years that includes videos, bylined articles and some 50 professional bios of Deloitte colleagues. These content assets were created to help students “meet” the people of Deloitte and to help them further explore the kinds of teams they might work on.

Getting it seen

The primary media for the campaign were digital and mobile placements. Programmed in HTML5, we delivered media banners across social, career and campus platforms. In addition, campaign elements were reflected in campus events, emails and promotional items.