Look again. The Greatest Time to Matter is now.

Extensive research into Deloitte’s talent market reveals a high desire among students to make an impact on the world. Our campaign leverages Deloitte’s “Look again.” brand platform and focuses on how technology and a career at Deloitte help make that possible. The takeaway? As a college graduate today — with cloud, AI, blockchain and more at your disposal — you have the ability to see issues as opportunities — to matter like never before.

Based on the target demographic, we weighted tactics toward video and saw high levels of engagement in media like Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube pre-roll.
Conversations from Deloitte University

We know students and experienced professionals alike are interested in trending technologies. So we conceived and shot a series of roundtable discussions led by Deloitte Consulting’s CTO, Bill Briggs. The conversations feature professionals from different disciplines — audit, tax, consulting and advisory — discussing trending technologies like blockchain, machine intelligence and virtual reality. The point is to show how connected every area of Deloitte is to leading-edge tech. As a campaign, the roundtables performed so well that the conversations’ source material is now being edited into podcasts for general marketing use.

Digital video campaign

We leveraged video assets across platforms, creating :15 and :30 teasers that ran in pre-roll and paid social streams with strong results. Video completion rates were considerably above benchmarks. For example, nearly a quarter of the pre-roll videos served were viewed through to the end.

Our recruiting campaign crossed over all digital media, including email, SEM and social channels.
Career site reorganization

In order to accommodate changing needs among recruits, we worked with Deloitte to restructure the careers portion of its website. The reorg was driven by a combination of best practices, web metrics and user testing. It necessitated new menu titles and the an addition of new content. One of the key tools for driving visits to the new site is a campus email program. The emails, like the digital campaign, led with video and garnered strong click-through rates.

Deloitte's Cloud Buyer Map

Retargeting in digital

Retargeting ads are common in today’s digital landscape. We took a very simple, branded approach to ours to help them stand apart and connect back to Deloitte’s brand ethos and the imagery from its website.