Connecting to the soul of a long-standing brand

Blackfoot began as a telephone cooperative back in 1954. Since then it has grown, expanded its footprint, and changed dramatically. Yet our extensive client interviews and Tangible Brand™ process found that much of what made Blackfoot a successful, respected co-op, makes it a successful technology leader today — accountable people, access to expertise and sheer reliability. We summarized this idea by inviting people to “connect to more.”

Blackfoot - historic and today photo

Brand positioning
Our work positions Blackfoot based on age-old values, while showing it as the innovation leader it's become.
Brand identity and colors

The new logo drops limiting name modifiers like telecommunications. It deploys a modern face and fluid icon. The historic color scheme was retained but the palette was broadened to give it a more human sensibility. In addition, we developed a robust set of icons.

Blackfoot brand color and identity

The launch campaign

We created a new TV spot to launch the Connect to more brand messaging. We extended that messaging to lead products via radio, outdoor and online advertising.

72 percent: The increase in organic site traffic following our revamp of the Blackfoot website.
The website

Initially launched under the previous brand, we completely overhauled the Blackfoot site — using what we’d learned in our brand work to inform high-level copy and menu nomenclature. We redesigned the user experience and developed place pages to aid in search engine optimization. The new site began outperforming the previous one, immediately. Since that time, we’ve also created digital campaigns to drive traffic to specific landing pages via search engine marketing, banner advertising and gated content campaigns on LinkedIn.


Blackfoot work sample - website on iPad
Blackfoot - work sample - website on iPhone