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Busting the Myths on Seat Belt Usage

Image of video - raw chicken/turkey getting thrown through windshield

—Getting in an accident at 30 mph really won't hurt me.
—My dress will get all wrinkled.
—Buckling up is too much of a hassle.

For Montana Department of Transportation's most recent seat belt campaign, we tried to shatter these myths in a series of raw videos highlighting real-world experimentation. The videos feature these three most common reasons (excuses) for not wearing a seat belt — and real experiments to test their ridiculousness.

Ask any 16- to 25-year-old and he will admit seat belts save lives. But how do you get his attention to wear a seat belt every time he gets in a vehicle? The Myth Crashers videos take away the 'Debbie Downer' tone and make the message more entertaining, using comedy, gross images and crashes — all the while making seat belt use cool and earning points with teens.

Watch the videos and share a laugh with us, just please don't forget to buckle up on your way to the store and on your 500-mile road trip.

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