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6 — PartnersCreative staff on the perfect podcast. Turn it up.

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In our final episode of “PartnersCreative’s Favorite Podcasts,” Suzanne Elfstrom, director of media & public relations, shares just one podcast recommendation. She finds it all-consuming.

“You Must Remember This” hosted by Karina Longworth (2014-present) — I discovered this podcast while decorating my office this spring. I have a piece of the original Hollywood sign, and as I was hanging it on the wall I was reading the history of the sign. Hollywood actress Peg Entwistle jumped to her death from the sign in 1932. It triggered a memory of an article I’d read in Entertainment Weekly about a series on dead blondes.

Before I know it, I’m listening to episodes 93-105, “Dead Blondes” with the first episode about Ms. Entwistle. This was on March 31, 2018. Fast forward to today, and I’ve listened to 111 episodes — from “Charles Manson’s Hollywood” to “Six Degrees of Joan Crawford.”

As a person who loves pop culture (and is not afraid to admit it), I find these stories of “the secret and/or forgotten history of Hollywood’s first century” to be completely fascinating. It’s an inside look into not only how movies were made back then, but how they actually got made — it’s peaking behind the curtain to the inner workings of big money and bigger egos.

I think it’s also going to really up my social game at cocktail parties — I’ve soaked up hundreds of conversation starters since the end of March. And Karina just started her first new series of 2018 with the relevant-to-these-times title “Fake News: Fact Checking Hollywood Babylon.” I can’t wait to dive in!