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5 — PartnersCreative staff on the perfect podcast. Turn it up.

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In Episode 5 of “PartnersCreative’s Favorite Podcasts,” Shanti Johnson, assistant account manager and the newest member of our staff, riffs on her podcast playlist.

“More Perfect” — Ever wonder about that elusive third branch of government, the U.S. Supreme Court? Probably not. But this podcast will change your thinking entirely. Each episode (from 20 mins to over an hour) dives into fascinating cases and decisions that have shaped our everyday lives in ways we now take for granted. Get ready to nerd out.

Shanti Johnson“Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me” — NPR’s news quiz that helps you choke down the week’s happenings with a helping of laughter.

“Reply All” — A podcast humanizing a world run by tech, Alex and PJ tackle all things virtual with fascinating stories, in-depth reporting and a whole lot of humor. They’ll also help you decode those Tweets that look like gibberish but mean a whole lot more than you ever imagined.

“36 Questions” — Not interested in learning anything new, but being very entertained? This is a musical podcast, in three parts, that’s just plain great.