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3 — PartnersCreative staff on the perfect podcast. Turn it up.

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In Episode 3 of “PartnersCreative’s Favorite Podcasts,” Amber Bushnell, our senior graphic and motion designer, shares podcasts at the top of her list.

Amber Bushnell“NPR Ted Radio Hour by Guy Raz” — The host, Guy Raz, selects one theme for each episode and interviews a few TED speakers who have talked about the subject during TED talks. I enjoy the format that gives you highlights of the TED talks and more insights behind the scenes through the TED speakers’ interviews with Guy. Most of them are clever and sometimes funny. “A Better You” from June 16, 2017, is just one wonderful example.

“On Being With Krista Tippett” (also on NPR) — Besides the fact that Krista Tippett has a calming NPR radio voice, she leads wonderful interviews with artists, authors and many other public figures about subjects we all tend to think about from time to time. You learn both about the interviewee and about life. Her guests have included Yo-Yo Ma, Elizabeth Gilbert, Glenn Beck and Sheryl Sandberg.