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2 — PartnersCreative staff on the perfect podcast. Turn it up.

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Welcome to Episode 2 of “PartnersCreative’s Favorite Podcasts.” Joe Nickell, our PR strategist & content developer, is a wordsmith and knows a good story when he hears it. He finds these podcasts tell some very good tales.

“Hidden Brain” — I have been known to binge on this podcast for entire weekend afternoons at a time. Every episode opens my eyes to something new about the ways in which our minds work, the ways in which we relate to one another. There are practical episodes about keeping focused at work, alongside ruminative episodes about the roots of male isolation and loneliness. It’s all fascinating. Plus, Shankar Vedantam has the most soothing voice on the planet.

“Tell Us Something” — If you’ve heard “The Moth Radio Hour” on public radio or via podcast, you already know the concept of this podcast: a succession of people tell 10-minute stories without the benefit of notes, slides or anything. Just a microphone and a live audience. The reason I so love this podcast is that unlike on “The Moth,” the storytellers are often my personal friends. “Tell Us Something” is recorded live at the Wilma Theater in Missoula, along with a few other locations around Montana. It’s pretty cool to hear people I know take that risk and tell me something I never knew about them.

“Sleep With Me” — I don’t really learn anything from this podcast, and I don’t exactly like it per se … but that’s kind of the point. “Sleep With Me” features a guy with a really monotonous voice, telling rambling, looping, improvised stories about completely meaningless subjects. The whole point of the podcast is to lull the listener to sleep. As someone who constantly has too many things running through his head, I love being able to turn this podcast on at bedtime and be distracted from my own thoughts enough to fall asleep.