Crime Victim Advocates

What we set out to do:
Create a behavioral change brand that raises awareness of sexual violence and the roles we can all play in preventing that violence in our communities.

How we made it happen:
Behavioral change marketing is at its best when it’s bold and works as a call to action. We created the Make Your Move! Missoula brand with that in mind, and activated that brand through radio, cinema ads and posters. The campaign empowered people to think about the roles they play in preventing or allowing sexual violence. It encouraged them to “make their move” and speak up, step in and stop sexual violence. We also developed an ongoing social grassroots outreach campaign where people at community events could photograph themselves holding a sign stating their “move” and upload it to Facebook.

Why it succeeded:
Engagement: More than 900 images  — and counting — have been uploaded to Facebook with Missoula residents and some pretty well-known Montanans (like our senators) stating their “moves.”

Awareness: Locally, the campaign has received lots of attention and generated meaningful discussion on and off the University campus. It has also attracted the attention of sexual assault prevention groups and media around the country. It’s been featured on Upworthy, the Other 99% and in Time magazine as part of a cutting-edge bystander awareness program for sexual assault prevention. And posters have been shared online millions of times across all major social platforms.

Extension: What began as a local campaign is now international. Requests for the right to use the campaign and the Make Your Move brand flooded in from universities and communities in the U.S. and Europe. Versions were created for placement on U.S. Navy ships. And the posters were translated into Spanish and featured local people for use in South America.

Cinema Advertising, Print, Radio, Social Grassroots Outreach, Social Media

PartnersCreative was awarded Missoula Crime Victim Advocate’s Partner of the Year.